Changing Lives through Discovery


Helping the most promising drug discoveries see the light of day

Golden Arrow Life Sciences is a Canadian consultancy keenly focused on ensuring that the most promising medical discoveries made in universities and teaching hospitals never get shelved due to a lack of resources and profile.

Founded in 2016, Golden Arrow Life Sciences comprises a team of industry and scientific experts who can guide researchers and their institutions down the path toward commercialization. We aim to help researchers and institutions protect their intellectual property, attract investment, organize themselves for timely scale-up or exit, and negotiate agreements that benefit all stakeholders.

Above all, we value rigorous research and we work with partners to ensure that the most promising projects always move forward with integrity so people can ultimately be helped—so that lives can be changed through discovery.

Golden Arrow Life Sciences is your bridge between making a discovery and making a difference.


“In my career as a health care software company owner, head of a hospital foundation, and as a consultant to research scientists, I have seen far too many promising ideas die on the shelf because there was no clear path forward. My team and I are driven by the desire to see the most promising life sciences discoveries make their way through the drug development process as seamlessly as possible so effective treatments can find their way to market and lives can be saved.”

Charles (Chuck) LaFlèche, FCPA, FCMA
President & CEO, Golden Arrow Life Sciences

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